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Today's Top Pollen Counts

Explore the European cities with today's highest pollen counts here. We provide real-time updates on active season pollen counts as they appear in the air, allowing you to plan your day and travel with ease.

Alder Pollen

  1. Sant Julia de Loria: 47.3 g/m³ 🇦🇩
  2. Andorra la Vella: 17.2 g/m³ 🇦🇩
  3. Encamp: 17.2 g/m³ 🇦🇩
  4. les Escaldes: 17.2 g/m³ 🇦🇩
  5. Liverpool: 5.2 g/m³ 🇬🇧

Birch Pollen

  1. Moscow: 4978.7 g/m³ 🇷🇺
  2. Minsk: 4043.9 g/m³ 🇧🇾
  3. Vilnius: 4006.1 g/m³ 🇱🇹
  4. Daugavpils: 3590.1 g/m³ 🇱🇻
  5. Kaunas: 2154.5 g/m³ 🇱🇹

Grass Pollen

  1. Sevilla: 270.6 g/m³ 🇪🇸
  2. Braga: 229.9 g/m³ 🇵🇹
  3. Porto: 222.3 g/m³ 🇵🇹
  4. Madrid: 206.1 g/m³ 🇪🇸
  5. Milan: 165.6 g/m³ 🇮🇹

Olive Pollen

  1. Sevilla: 3976.6 g/m³ 🇪🇸
  2. Nicosia: 864.4 g/m³ 🇨🇾
  3. Strovolos: 864.4 g/m³ 🇨🇾
  4. Larnaca: 525 g/m³ 🇨🇾
  5. Limassol: 441.2 g/m³ 🇨🇾

Europe Map

Here, you can view the current overview of European tree pollen counts. Each marker represents a city we monitor. Click on a marker for more details.