Pollen Count

Pollen count in Niksic

Niksic, Montenegro has a continental climate with four seasons. Spring and fall are the primary pollen seasons.


During spring, tree and grass pollens are prevalent, causing allergic reactions. Summer has lower pollen levels, but weed pollens may still affect some individuals.

Winters in Niksic are cold and snowy, with minimal pollen. Autumn brings leaf mold and ragweed pollen, leading to fall allergies. Overall, being aware of local pollen counts can help manage allergy symptoms.




When pollen counts are high, we suggest doing these things to help with allergies, especially on windy days when pollen is flying around.


* The pollen count information provided for Niksic is for educational purposes only, sourced from the CAMS European air quality database. We cannot guarantee its accuracy or reliability. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a qualified healthcare provider for medical concerns. We are not medical professionals.